Keeping the trees healthy through winter


Winter is the weather regarded rest time for our shrubs and trees since it’s the time of having no growth and development in plants. However, we need some activities to keep the plants and trees warm as well as they need a bit protection throughout the cold weather in order to be in optimal condition before the spring comes.

Enough care is required in cold weather or else expecting them being in a good condition won’t come true, especially if steps aren’t taken to keep them as warm as needed. Plants and flowers are delicate resulting in being damaged because of concerning not properly in terms of look after, watering, and other steps required to keep them healthier.

Although, there are various sorts of cold damages in trees but some to mention include sunscald, root injury, frost heaving, and dieback. The most dangerous kind of damage is called sunscald and it happens when plants start heating up on chilly winter days. These days, the sun hits the trees thoroughly resulting in growing the bark tissues.

On the other hand, the bark begins to die soon after the sun goes down. The positive prospect in this regard is that the bark becomes harder as time passes and tree ages meaning the tree is more secured from various issues to happen.

Avoiding sun scald isn’t impossible since you have the option to wrap the tree trunks using a tree wrap. Just take a plastic guard and apply around the trunk.